Greengage Films is a socially and environmentally responsible company, grown out of our passion for the natural world and its preservation. We believe that communication through film can have a positive impact on the world we live in.

We are an independent production company based in North Wales, specializing in subjects associated with the natural world, producing exceptional films for web use and broadcast quality documentaries. We can provide experienced camera operators and full post production phase. The Greengage film team work with ethically minded organizations including NGOs and charities, providing them with the opportunity to use the powerful tool of moving imaging to promote their work. Our remit includes work with expedition companies (as travel can encourage positive action) and promoting the importance of supporting and observing nature in your local area.
Malka and Steve filmed in a way which was non-intrusive and meant that we didn’t have to change what we were doing or cater to their filming schedule. They made myself and the people taking part in the event comfortable to be around a camera, we hardly noticed when they were filming which I think is reflected in the naturalness of the film itself.
Nia Hâf Jones
Marine Awareness Officer
North Wales Wildlife Trust

Greengage Films were really nice people to work with, and I was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail throughout filming and post-production.
Malka was good at drawing out people’s knowledge and enthusiasm, and her informal interview style helped put us non-professional media contributors at ease.
Ben Stammers
People & Wildlife Officer
North Wales Wildlife Trust

Our environmental responsibility

The small details

  • We use as little paper as possible
  • Recyle and compost [almost]everything
  • Turn off the lights and don't use standby
  • All lighting is low energy
  • Turn down the heating
At all points of our production process we try to minimise the environmental impact. Where ever possible we use eco green hard drives, though this is not currently an option for video editing, we keep a close eye on developments. On location, we keep our film crew small and our kit as light as possible which means that we can use the fuel efficient transport possible[ including public transport]. Our light kit [and that steve is part man, part packhorse] also means that we rarely need to use a 4x4 to get off road. We film natural history with upmost sensitivity to the species and the habitat.

The founder

After graduating in fine art, Malka worked as a photographer for RTL television in Germany, then went on to assist the environmental and wildlife photographer David Woodfall. Malka then specialised in moving imaging. After breaking into the TV industry working on various programmes, including Time Team(C4), Climate Chaos(BBC4) and Iolos Welsh Safari(BBC wales) it became apparent that Malka wanted to work closer to the subject she was filming. She started volunteering for NGO's and charities including the London Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, getting her hands dirty digging, hedge laying and fulfilling other tasks required. From this the seed for Greengage Films has grown.